World Premiere Screening of NBC’s “The Event” – Times Square, NYC

I had been seeing previews for NBC’s “The Event” for months, only to get a call the week before seeing if I was available to shoot a very special screening that NBC did right in the heart of Times Square. Of course I jumped on the opportunity to do it, especially considering I shoot in this area of the city very very frequently and thought it’d be fun to do something a little different in this location.  NBC put on a pretty amazing event.  They decked out all of Duffy Square, and put up a massive (and sharp) screen for everyone to view the show.  The sound was awesome as well!!!  You could really feel the energy of the crowd.  Lots of anticipation and excitement!!!!

They also gave out 15 iPads and several plasma TV’s – people went wild when they won, it was pretty awesome!!!  Check out the guy who literally poured water all over himself when he won an iPad!!!!

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