Bill Burr “Let It Go” DVD Shoot

When Bill Burr asked me to shoot some photos for his new DVD of course I was totally pumped.  I’ve photographed Bill in the past, and was very excited to get him out again for some new images…  To have it be the cover of his new DVD is really a tremendous bonus because I’m such a fan of his work.  He’s easily one of the hottest comedians working today, selling out clubs and theaters all over the country –  even showing up on the big screen here and there (check him out in “Date Night”)…  If you haven’t seen him perform you should definitely pick up the DVD!!!  Bill is ridiculously funny!!!!

The location I chose was the meatpacking district, mainly because of the various overhangs that we’d need to shield us from the rain.  In about an hour we were able to do a few looks in a few different spots.  We lost light rather quickly so I needed to set up and light a scene.  For the main shot I used 2 small strobes and utilized a very cool loading dock with a color splash as my background.  Once again my D3 shines through at iso 1600!!!

Bill was (thankfully) pleased with the results, and picked the cover and supplemental photos…  But here are a few others I liked from that shoot …

The following night I went down to see Bill perform at Carolines. Naturally I snapped a few photos, one of which actually got used on the DVD as well!  I wound up staying for both sets that night!!!!!!

(Love seeing a pic on mine on the menu hahahahah)

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