Tip Tuesday: What to Reflect When You’re Reflecting

When I’m on a shoot, I’m always looking around the environment for elements that might make my photos more interesting. One thing for sure I look for are reflective surfaces. You’d be surprised how reflective some surfaces are, be it a very literal reflection (like from a mirror or glass) or something more muted and subtle (steel, a freshly cleaned/buffed surface). In the example photos below, the microphone is resting on a glass table, while in the other photo I used the marble (or granite) countertop to reflect the iHeart name. The key is to get a low angle when you are making this photo, and in some instances, using a zoom lens (and zooming out) to elongate the perspective. You can do this with any point and shoot and even an iPhone, if the distance between the surface and the object is right. Just look closely and try it!

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