Tip Tuesday: Music to Motivate!

Something I take very very seriously is MUSIC.  I’ve often said that it’s been the creative energy source of my entire life, the fuel to my fire.  Without a doubt, my love of photography, and ability to make art, started with the gift of hearing music.  I feel that everyone has a love like this; often this love can turn into other things throughout life.   No chance I’d be a photographer if I wasn’t a music lover first.

Today’s tip is simple.  Listen to music!  Let it motivate and inspire you!  Jazz is it for me.  Sure, I love top 40, pop, rock n roll, but nothing speaks to me quite like jazz does.  And frequently, when I’m editing and color correcting photos (among other things), I have jazz on in the background.  So I put together a short list of records I love and wanted to share it here on my blog.  This is a great list to edit to, listen to in the car, on the train, etc etc.

It’s my hope that those who read this pick up one or all of these records and that it sparks some creativity within them, too.  Happy listening!

(Click titles to open iTunes link)

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