Tip Tuesday: Simple Summertime Silhouettes

Summer is just around the corner, and now that you can actually get out of the office before the sun goes down, chances are you’ll catch an amazing sunset or two. But how do you best capture them? Of course you can just shoot what you see, but why not incorporate gorgeous silhouettes as well? You just need a person or object in the foreground of your photo. Turn yet another photograph of a sunset into something unique and personal that also isn’t just yet another portrait.

A solid silhouette may be tough to pull off with a smartphone camera, but with your DSLR it’s quite easy. You’ll want to put the camera in “M” mode. (Gasp! Did you say MANUAL MODE?!  Yes, put it in manual mode– don’t be scared!) The trick is to play with the shutter speed. Your aperture can be almost anything, but it’s really the shutter speed that will make a difference as it’s the sky you are exposing for, not the people or objects in the frame. 
Joann ©Brian Friedman 2015

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