Tip Tuesday: Back It Up!

As a photographer, most of my professional assets live digitally. I can’t afford to not have a back up system! Today’s tip will help you avoid tragedy, frustration, and overpriced fixes when your computer or other device decides to have a hissy fit.

Good news: A 1 terabyte portable hard drive is under $100 now! This drive even 5 years ago would have cost thousands. So for under a hundred bucks you can likely backup everything on  your computer and even your spouse’s too- a TB is a massive amount of space!  THERE’S NO EXCUSE TO LOSE ANY OF YOUR DATA!  Sorry for screaming; it just drives me nuts when I find out that people “lost everything” because they didn’t have a backup!

And for you iPhone shooters, install Dropbox on your phone and enable “Camera Uploads.”  When you launch Dropbox, it’ll automatically upload the photos that are in your camera roll to your Dropbox!  Instant backup!

Here’s a good backup drive solution from B&H!

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