Spyro Gyra

If you know me, you probably know I’m a really big fan of jazz.  I was brought up listening to it, and for a long time I wanted to be a professional jazz drummer.  When I was 13 my Jr. HS band instructor, Mr. Balsamo (also a drummer), introduced me to this amazing contemporary fusion jazz group named “Spyro Gyra.”  From that point on I was hooked.

I used to practice to all their tunes, playing along to the cassettes, cds, and now mp3’s!  This group has been around for nearly 35 years, formed at SUNY Buffalo.  I’ve seen them over 50 times and own every record of theirs.  In college I actually promoted one of their concerts (at Binghamton University).

In the back of my mind I’ve ALWAYS wanted to photograph them and was waiting for my chance.  With the arrival of a new drummer, and the band passing through my home town of Huntington, I reached out to the band to see if they were in need of a new portrait.  They were, and the band agreed to give me 10 minutes to do my thing.  With very few location choices and little time, we settled on the area behind the theater and I used a single light source to illuminate the scene.

Of course I brought along my camera to the concert as well, even though I was there to enjoy the show! I couldn’t let the opportunity pass me by!  For those on Long Island, I highly suggest you check out the Paramount Theater in Huntington – what a cool venue!!!!

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