Avril Lavigne

One of the coolest apps I have on my iPhone is my iheartradio app!!!  You can listen to over 750 radio stations from around the country, streamed right to your phone or your computer via their site. I was thrilled when I got the call to photograph Avril Lavigne in concert for them recently!  Just like their other special concerts, this one would be streamed over the web for the entire world to watch and listen to  – live!  It’s worth noting that you can’t buy tickets to these concerts – you can only win them by listening to an iheartradio station (in this case since it’s NYC, Z100).

I’ve  been a fan of Avril since her first record, so I was really excited to have the opportunity to work with her and see her perform live again.  Avril was a little under the weather and running a bit behind schedule so I had an extremely short amount of time to do 2 portraits with her in 2 different locations.  I pre-lit and tested them both so that when she arrived I was ready to rock and roll!  It’s important in these situations to keep things rather simple – so I used 2 lights for the seamless shot and 1 light only for the backstage door shot (and had a wonderful assistant).  I’m a big fan of changing the exposure solely in the camera and not by adjusting the power of the lights, and in this case that technique came in very handy!!!  Avril was cool to work with and we got both shots done in about 90 seconds.

She played a great set of new music and a few older favorites.  My only regret is that she didn’t play “Complicated!”

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