121212: The Concert for Sandy Relief

This was one of those “how did I get here” moments in my life.

I find myself standing in the pit at Madison Square Garden on the historic night of 12/12/12.  The event is being billed as the “biggest event in music history.”  My friend Scott points out to me that I’ll not be in the front row; I’ll be in front of the front row, camera in-hand, taking pictures.  Some artists I was able to be up front for, some I had to be toward the back.  But that’s really ok because it wound up giving me a good perspective on the event as a whole; the birds-eye view I’m really after.  This was one of those events that you had to have an approved place to stand; so I couldn’t roam like I would have liked.  I was either in the photo pit (roaming freely) or about half the floor back, parallel with the sound board (standing on my tippy toes).  Be that as it may, you still go with the intention of always making the very best of the situation.  I brought my usual kit of Nikon D3s’s, 24-700, 80-200, and with the help of Nikon NPS a 200-400 f/4 🙂  So I was prepared for shots from a greater distance and used the perspective of skimming the crowd + the wide angle to still make a more comprehensive view of the concert (as opposed to just being in the pit, and in spite of not being able to roam around).

I had the pleasure of being in the photo pit (area between the front row and the stage) with some of the best live music photographers in the business… George Kalinksy, the official MSG photographer, my friend David Bergman, Bon Jovi’s photographer,  and Kevin Mazur, veteran photographer and Director of the movie Sellebrity.  Just being in this company was a serious honor for me and made me want to put my best foot forward photographically speaking.

David Bergman took this of me in the pit!!!  Man I feel so fortunate to have this photo 🙂

121212: The Concert for Sandy Relief featured performances by:

Bruce Springsteen

Bon Jovi

Roger Waters

The Who

Eddie Vedder

Jimmy Fallon

The Rolling Stones

Adam Sandler

Kristen Stewart

Billy Joel

Michael Stipe

Paul McCartney

Billy Crystal

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