Tip Tuesday: Just Say No!

Today’s tip comes from years of experience, both positive and negative– although even negative experiences are opportunities for growth if you allow them to be!

When meeting prospective clients, it’s just as important for you to interview them as much as it is for you to be the best version of yourself during that meeting. In other words, make sure your client is a good match for YOU! Be sure you know their expectations and can deliver what they are looking for.  If they are asking for something you aren’t quite comfortable delivering, it’s ok to walk away!  Sure, you might want the job because you have a bottom line to meet, but always keep in mind that making money is just part of the equation. Especially when it comes to photographing a wedding or an important family affair, it’s much easier to “just say no” ahead of time than it is to be in a sticky situation after the shoot is finished– trust me!

Just Say No

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