Comedy: Portraits

Portraits of some of the best comedians on this planet.

Stephen Lynch portrait session for his Comedy Central tour.
Tracy Morgan poses for me at the bar at Carolines in NYC
Joe Rogan in NYC
DL Hughley tapes
Bill Burr in NYC
Bill Burr in NYC
Bill Burr in NYC
Kristen Schaal poses for me backstage in NYC
Adam Ferrara in NYC
Jeff Dunham backstage in NYC
Bo Burnham's Comedy Central Records CD
Tommy Johnigan backstage in NYC
Joe Derosa in Times Square NYC
Radio personality Skeery Jones, of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
Radio personality Greg T of Elvis Duran and the Morning Show
Mike Birbiglia poses in NYC
Kyle Fincham in Brooklyn, NY
Kevin Williams says Peace! in NYC
Justin Silver in the Meatpacking District, NYC
John Mulaney takes a shot to the head in my studio in Brooklyn, NY - shot for his Comedy Central Records CD.
Erik Rivera in Brooklyn, NY
Greer Barnes backstage in NYC
Jimmy Karr backstage in NYC
Paul Mecurio on the streets of Queens
Kurt Metzger backstage in NYC
Radio personality TJ
Josh Blue backstage in NYC
Ryan Hamilton in Brooklyn, NY